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Journal of Holography Applications in Physics (JHAP) covers all areas related to the holographic principle in physics. The holographic principle prepares the powerful tools to study several phenomena in various branches of physics. The aim of JHAP is to collect all applications of holography for the theoretical and experimental communities. We would like to publish high-quality peer-reviewed papers free of charge and with open access for all authors and readers. JHAP is fully sponsored by Damghan University. The reviewing and publishing process is completely free of charge. The Ithenticate software is used to check the similarity of submitted papers. If any aspects of plagiarism are caught, your manuscript may be rejected without review and your institution informed.


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In the assessment by the Scientific Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), JHAP has been awarded a B rank in 2023.

Journal of Holography Applications in Physics - 2025 Prizes for Letters on Holography (du.ac.ir)



Recent Developments in Holographic Black Hole Chemistry

Pages 1-26


Robert B. Mann

A General Prescription for Semi-Classical Holography

Pages 27-50


Budhaditya Bhattacharjee; Chethan Krishnan

Explore the Origin of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking from Adaptive Perturbation Method

Pages 51-64


Chen-Te Ma; Yiwen Pan; Hui Zhang

Lorentzian Holographic Gravity and the Time-Energy Uncertainty Principle

Pages 65-70


Eiji Konishi

Massive N=2 Supersymmetric Gauge Theory Under Electric Field Quench

Pages 71-82


Leila Shahkarami

Thermodynamics of a Rotating Black Hole in Conformal Gravity

Pages 83-91


Negin Kamvar; Reza Saffari; Saheb Soroushfar

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