Shadow behavior of the quantum-corrected Schwarzschild black hole immersed in holographic quintessence

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1 The University of Mazandaran, Department of Physics

2 The University of Mazandaran, Department of physics.


In this paper, we aim to explore the impact of the Planck scale corrections and the Holographic quintessence on the shadow behavior of non-rotating black holes. To do this, we consider the quantum-corrected Schwarzschild black hole surrounded by the quintessence field inspired by the Kazakov-Solodukhin and the Kiselev ideas, and we call this combination the Kazakov-Solodukhin-Kiselev (KSK) black hole. We conclude that the quintessence field as the candidate of dark energy in the black hole can be interpreted as Holographic quintessence. To find the geodesic equations of the black hole, we employ the Hamilton-Jacobi approach and also, the Carter procedure. We discover that the size of the shadow of this black hole, which depends on its central mass, is also determined by the Planck scale effects and Holographic quintessence.


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Volume 2, Issue 2
May 2022
Pages 31-38
  • Receive Date: 09 March 2022
  • Revise Date: 14 April 2022
  • Accept Date: 28 April 2022