A modified thermodynamics of rotating and charged BTZ black hole

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1 Department of Physics, K.L.S college, Magadh University, Nawada-805110, India

2 Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar-190006, Kashmir, India


We present the thermodynamics of a charged and rotating BTZ black holes here. In particular, we derive
expressions for various macroscopic thermal quantities such as entropy, Hawking temperature,
Helmholtz free energy, internal energy, enthalpy, Gibbs free energy, and specific heat.
To study the effects of small statistical thermal fluctuations around the
equilibrium on thermodynamics, we calculated the leading-order corrections to the various
thermodynamical potentials of charged and
rotating BTZ black hole and do comparative analysis for the fixed values of charge and angular momentum.



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January 2022
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