AdS/BCFT correspondence and BTZ black hole within electric field

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Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


This paper, presents the gravity duals of Conformal Field Theories with boundaries. This theory is known as AdS/BCFT correspondence. In this duality, our system has 3D gravity coupling with the Maxwell field dual to 2D BCFT. On the gravity side, we consider a 3D BTZ black hole. We analyze the effects of the chemical potential on the profile of the extra boundary for the black hole. Performing a holographic renormalization, we calculate the free energy and obtain the total entropy and corresponding area with chemical potential, and the boundary entropy for the black hole. These theories are specified by stress-energy tensors that reside on the extensions of the boundary to the bulk. In this way, the AdS/BCFT appears analogous to the fluid/gravity correspondence with the chemical potential. We discuss the solutions as well as their thermodynamic and fluid properties.


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