Supercoherent states of the open NS world sheet superstring

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1 Department of Physics, Government Degree College, Tangmarg, Kashmir, 193402 India

2 De[artamento de Fisisca. Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Argentna De[artamento de Matematica Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Argentina. CONICET


The supercoherent states of the RNS string are constructed using the covariant quantization and analogously the light cone quantization formalisms. Keeping intact the original definition of coherent states of harmonic oscillators, we extend the bosonic annihalation operator into the superspace by inclusion of fermionic contribution to oscillator modes thus construct the supercoherent states with supersymetric harmonic oscillator. We analyse the statistics of these states by explicitly calculating the Mandel parameter and obtained interesting results about the nature of distribution of the states